Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nano Hacker Squad: The Initiative

The nano hacker squad started as a pilot initiative to rule the world. There are a couple of inspirational sources: the hackathon building/learning model, hacker hours (for adults) that Aidan started in NYC few years ago, and my interests in facilitating collaborative learning web technologies for kids. The focus of the pilot is to mentor very tech-enthusiastic kids from coderdojonyc as a hackathon team for the annual YRS hackathon (festival of code). 

We have support from great mentors from coderdojo and ZocDoc: Ricky, Pedro, Benno, Matt, Nick. Omar and Aidan signed up to help through the online forum. Jennifer, a parent, provided a lot of feedback before launching this initiative, as well as on-going support. Thoughtworks has been graciously hosting the event at their offices (Thanks Jared for the snacks!)

During the pilot initiative, we are learning how to facilitate collaborative learning for kids. We are making mistakes and addressing them at every iteration. The progress and engagement have been fantastic!

At this rate, the Nano Hacker Squad will rule the world!

Lucas is teaching us how to code

(Photography by Jennifer)

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